for the Second Half

Halfolescence and Beyond: Transforming and Expanding your Potential for a Life Fully Lived, a Faith Fully Formed, and a Journey Fully Taken

A Course by Dr. Terry Nyhuis

About the Course

Our culture tells us that growth, transformation, and human development naturally grind to a stop in the middle decades of life. Don’t believe it. Middle adulthood isn’t a time to stop being transformed. It’s a time to launch out into a second half of growth, purpose, and meaning. Frank Sinatra was right, “The Best is Yet to Come.”

  • I am excited to share the great news that you can continue to grow and be transformed as adults – – especially in “middle age” and beyond.
  • I am eager to challenge the idea of culture, religious traditions, and most groups that your growth and transformation need to slow down or stop as you enter your forties and beyond.
  • I, without even noticing, bought into arrested development-in-midlife until my fifties. But years of study, experience, talking with people, and a doctorate debunked that misconception.

In this course you will:

  1. Identify how your communities and culture arrest your growth, transformation, and human development.
  2. Discover an expanded, lifelong span of dynamic growth, transformation, and human development most miss.
  3. Explore why footprints, portraits, and guides are emerging now.
  4. Consider challenges. Living into phases of growth beyond what our culture and groups understand and support presents challenges.
  5. Appraise your readiness to expand into a life beyond what others in your life will understand and support

My overarching purpose for this course is to:

  • Ignite your imagination of a transformed second half of your life…one that will bring you as much wonder, challenge, and vitality as you experienced through childhood, adolescence, and earlier adulthood.
  • Challenge you to not settle for what your culture, tradition and groups are telling you about life in your middle and later decades of life.
  • Encourage you every way I can think of to Never stop growing and being transformed.

Who We Are

This is a Halfolescence and Beyond University course.

  • We are an online community of explorers and learners.
  • HAB-U isn’t a traditional learning center with buildings and classrooms housing dozens or hundreds of students physically present. I taught in that kind of learning environment for decades.
  • This learning environment is different. It consists of online courses, forums, webinars, and a scattered community of people learning and growing together from around the world.

Our focus at Halfolescence and Beyond University is to teach you how to transform your approach to the middle and later decades of your life. To fill them with growth, purpose, and meaning.

  • You may be in your twenties or thirties and are wondering about what a life fully lived looks like.
  • You may be in your forties, fifties, or sixties and are wondering what’s next. How will you find growth, purpose, and meaning in the next decades?
  • Or you may be, like me, entering your later decades of life and know that you are not nearly done exploring and expanding.

Welcome, all of you.

I am Terry Nyhuis, your teacher for this course and the founder of Halfolescence and Beyond.

  • I’ve studied and taught growth and development for the past forty years.
  • Ever since I entered my mid-fifties, 15 years ago, I’ve shifted my focus to growth and development in the middle and later decades of life.
  • No topic has excited me more than the one we will explore together in this course.



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