Your Halfolescence Guides


Dr. Terry Nyhuis was born in 1949 and grew up on a farm in Overisel, Michigan. He has several degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in Physics, a Masters in Divinity, and a Doctorate of Ministry. In 1970 he married Anita Kollen Nyhuis, and they are currently owned by 2 cats. After decades working as a pastor in various churches, Terry found new passion after he retired, learning and writing about growth and change in the second half of our lives.

Terry is the founder of Halfolescense and the captain of our ship. As the oldest member of our team and the proud owner of several letters after his name, you might expect him to be the most mature and sensible among our number. It would make sense to expect that, but fortunately the opposite is true.

The Halfolescence process seems to have done a real number on our good doctor, and this wily old misfit is full of mischief, a total rule breaker, a renegade and a true lover of life. This does at times make us wonder if perhaps as we age, we’re supposed to become lighter, more youthful and alive… Nah… we’ve probably just been drinking too much Halfolescence kool aid here.


The owner of this goat, Tracy Lacina, is the newest member of the Halfolescence team. She has a Bachelors in English and Theater (and yes, she has used them in real life). A lifelong learner and teacher, she homesteads in the Ozarks, nurturing children, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, and bees. She is a writer, editor, translator, social media maven, and all-around get-it-doner. Passionate about family, community, and the environment, she is working toward her certification in Permaculture with an emphasis on social justice.

Change and growth have been a constant theme in Tracy’s life, and she is looking forward to all that Halfolescence has to offer as she begins walking yet another new life path. Tracy brings a wicked sense of humor, a deep spirituality, and a gift of language to our team. She is our program director, provides much of the content for our blog and serves as chief editor, maven of social media and marketing, wizard of the web, and much more.