“A reimagined retirement beckons you to get involved with people who are different, to touch and be touched, to embrace vulnerability, to run toward a healthy mess, and to fight injustice. All of that is possible because in Autumn, you are able to relax your ego, to let go of the need to build, defend, and raise your self esteem and self-importance. You are more ready to learn how to engage people with deeper compassion, honesty, and acceptance.”

DR. TERRY NYHUIS, Retirement Reimagined

All too often as people age they begin a slow withdrawal from life. Their children leave home, often moving to remote locations. Their friends retire and leave, or get involved in activities that don’t include them. They retire from their jobs, letting go of work-based friendships. They may downsize, leaving a neighborhood they lived in all their lives to live in a smaller apartment in a different part of town. This all leads to physical and emotional isolation that can be crippling, and lead to a faster decline in physical and emotional well-being.

This does not have to be the case; indeed, the process of going through Halfolescence and embracing the Autumn of our lives encourages the exact opposite. We open ourselves to meeting new people, especially those who differ from us in significant ways. One of the easiest ways to get connected is through social media. We invite you to connect with us here, at our blog, and through Facebook and Twitter. Step by step, we can make a difference, and any journey is easier if you are not alone.

As Dr. Nyhuis writes, “The peace, simplicity, and freedom offered to each of us in Autumn invites us to deepen and enrich our current relationships. Yet, it also expands and invites us to enter into new and beautiful friendships with people who would have typically been outside our friendship circle in the Summer of our success.”

Hope to see you, friend!