for the Second Half


The idea that human beings continue to experience transformational development into our Second Half of Life has been, as best, largely ignored and, at worst, denied. Most information you find on living life after retirement is focused on the financial aspects. While that is certainly important, we at Halfolescence are convinced that the Second Half of Life can be as dynamic and disruptive, exciting and challenging, expanding and transformational as childhood, adolescence, and younger adulthood.

Embracing Halfolescence is a choice. It is to choose to learn from our pasts while opening doors to our futures. It is a choice to acknowledge where we come from and how that affects who we are, while not limiting ourselves to those paradigms we accepted in the first half of our lives. It is to choose to open our minds and hearts to expansion rather than shutting ourselves away in boxes that no longer have meaning for us.

Sound intriguing? We look forward to having you join us on our journey into a vibrant, living future.

WILLIAM P. KOOISTRA, Ph.D. (Amazon Review)

I am a Clinical Psychologist and have been working for the last 28 years with a variety of clients, including people wrestling with issues related to retirement. This book can be an extremely valuable asset to anyone in retirement or approaching retirement.
In the book, Dr. Nyhuis presents a very unique weaving of developmental psychology, spiritual and faith development, and practical applications. His emphasis on the seven areas of expansion or growth that are available in the second half of life is a very original and wholistic approach. I would strongly encourage anyone in the second half of life to dig deep into this material.

The book is also very courageous in its challenge to readers. Whereas many readers who are in more conventional stages of emotional and faith development might not resonate with the spirit of the challenge, readers who seek to grow, expand, and continue to learn until their final breath will find that the challenges in the book speak directly to the essence of our life-long opportunity to develop as more loving, creative, and engaged human beings. If every person in the second half of life honestly engaged this material, the world would be transformed for good.

DONNA K. WALLACE (Amazon Review)

This ebook is a wonderful example of scholarly expertise synthesized into a quick, engaging and informative look at life re-imagined for those who are anticipating, or already in retirement. The graphics are bright and inviting.

Retirement is as unique as each individual. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this book is a new vocabulary that welcomes and allows robust discussion among friends, family and spouses of those looking for a deeper and more meaningful life chapter.

Readers will find lasting value in the seven shifts to a meaningful third season. The stories add a wonderful personal component to demonstrate the concepts herein. I recommend this book.

MIKE LUSTER (Amazon Review)

This slim, large-format book offers a view and a map toward a re-imagined and transformative later life. Its core premise is that due better health, longer life expectancies, social and technological developments, life after retirement is now an opportunity for growth and development not previously available. While many have seen retirement as a time of decline and most retirement books have focused only on financial aspects, this one instead examines seven expansions and offers options and strategies for each. It is the opening of what promises to be an exciting series of books and a deeply informative online presence. Highly recommended.


Good medical care and better nutrition have provided us with longer, more productive lives. This gift of a fourth season of life, is the subject of author and pastor, Terry Nyhuis. What we’ve spent a lifetime producing may or may not serve us well in our later years, whether we declare ourselves, “retired,” or not. Do we want more of the same or can we be bold enough to question everything we know and believe to be true?

Dr Nyhuis takes the reader on a refreshing journey that is delightfully illustrated, and hopeful in its approach. He does not ask us to change who we are, but to define ourselves more clearly, and to examine the motivations behind our previous life decisions. The gift of a fourth season is our chance to change what needed to be changed in our lives all along, and explore new dimensions of our emotional, spiritual and physical development.

Dr. Nyhuis has provided strong research for his premise, that the present is a gift that we need to make every effort to unwrap and enjoy. He also provides real life examples of individuals who have redefined themselves late in life. I’ve watched motorcycles rocketing through the Bonneville Salt Flats and I can’t even imagine Burt Munro, at the age of 67, breaking the land-speed record at over 190 miles per hour. But this is a perfect example of how we must push ourselves forward, take risks and take advantage of the freedom that aging frees us to become.

ARENEE (Amazon Review)

This is a remarkable book with a unique take on a very important subject. Rather than being just another retirement book that focuses on finances, this book instead looks at the entire life of a person who is entering into retirement. I loved the author’s wheel and the seven areas of expansion. It is a visually beautiful book that is really easy to read, with some great stories as well. I found this book both helpful and inspiring.